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LED pull-ring chargable flashlight

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This Compact, Light Weight, No Batteries Needed, 3 13,000 mcd emergency LED flashlight is a real performer. This Mini Generator Triplex LED Flashlight gives bright white light for a half an hour after just pull charging it for one minute. Fully charged it runs for 2.5 to 3 hours! It gives much more light for your effort than most other No Batteries flashlights by simply pulling the ring.This charges it's internal NI-MH Battery by electro magnetic induction. Many people find Pull Charging to be much more pleasant than other style self-charging flashlights. The thumb dial switch allows infinitely adjustable brightness settings just like a dimmer switch. The three individual reflectors concentrate the output of each 3 wide angle LEDs producing a tighter longer throwing center spot. Keeping one of these in your car, first aid kit, go kit, or travel kit can be a real lifesaver.

LED pull-ring chargable flashloght
  Our Price $11.99 Each
  • Bright 3 LED emergency flashlight.
  • Easy pull-ring charge makes operation easy.
  • No batteries or bulbs needed.
  • Operates 2.5 to 3 hours on full charge.
  • ABS thermo plastic and aluminum.
  • Body diameter: 1.5" (29mm).
  • Head diameter: 1.28" (32mm).
  • Length: 4.3" (109mm).
  • Weight: 2.5 oz (70.8gm) .