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Ultra High-Visibility Reflective Dog Collar with Flashing LED

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Ultra High-Visibility Reflective Dog Collar with Flashing LED:

Improve your dog’s safety during walks or emergencies with ultra high visibility. The highly reflective dog collar has fiber optic LED technology that flashes bright red in low light. Visible up to a mile away you’ll be able to see them and so will others.

The flashing LED lighted collar flashes improves visibility as well as increasing the battery life. The LED light in this collar uses a fiber optic technology so that virtually the whole collar actually flashes rather than a pinpoint of light as found in most LED safety collars.

Safety yellow reflective collar with Signal Red flashing LED band, black nylon-web strap. Collar adjusts from 16" to 22" for medium dogs; also available in Large 22" to 26" and Small 12" to 16".

Ultra High Visibility Reflective Collar with Flashing LED
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  Ultra High Visibility Reflective Collar with Flashing LED Specifications:
  • Improve you and your best friend's safety day or night by making them ultra-visible!
  • Flashing LED- fiber optic illumination technology gives a broad band of light increasing visibility for up to one mile.
  • Highly-reflective material reflects light even when the LED is not turned on.
  • Strong, durable and comfortable the nylon-web belting adjusts for proper fit.
  • Large stainless steel D-loop for license/ID and leash
  • A secure quick-release buckle permits easy on and off.
  • Long lifetime lithium battery included
  • Easy-to-replace CR2032 battery
  • ~100,000 hour-life flashing LED
  • Lightweight and weather-resistant