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Ready SmartTM Mission

Our mission is to make it easy to prepare for any emergency situation. We are dedicated to not just selling you high quality products, but ensuring you know how to use them. Effective use is key to your safety therefore education is a key goal of our company.

Ready SmartTM Difference

Our products have been researched by PhD level scientific staff to meet government guidelines for your protection. We feel strongly that our scientific expertise and educational background uniquely enables us to bring you preparedness solutions you can trust.

Community Involvement

Community Emergency Responce Team TrainingOur company believes wholeheartedly in preparation at the community and individual level and we support these efforts through active involvement in our community. Our efforts include active engagement with: the Public Health Department of Santa Clara County, Mountain View Fire Department and a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).


We are dedicated to bringing out products and educational materials to improve lives. We encourage you to e-mail or call us with comments and ideas on how we can better serve you! Ideas on innovative products are also encouraged.