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CERT VAULT - Vehicle Attached Utility Load Transporter

Product Information: Have everything you need at the ready for an emergency response. The CERT VAULT is a CERT supply storage unit. The CERT VAULT is designed for CERT equipment mobility-it easily connects to the hitch of a truck. It is suspended above the ground for transport. The wheel base scissor lifts the unit up for easy attachment. Once at the deployment site it easily scissors down and can wheel away, through doors and even into elevators.

CERT VAULT Vehicle Attached Utility Load Transporter
  Sale Price $1995.00
  • Store, Transport, Remove, Respond: The VAULT goes anywhere!
  • 17 Cubic feet of storage
  • Mounts to any Class III or IV hitch
  • No Towing-Wheels pull up when mounted
  • Industrial grade C-3 Chassi
  • "Never Flat" tires-10 inch solid urethane
  • U-handle for easy mobility
  • Aluminum storage box
  • CERT graphics
  • Locking diamond plate lid
  • Hitch receiver
  • Rubber Wheel Chocks
  • 61 X 29 X 42 inches
  • Weight: 250 pounds