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Flu Infection Protection: Latex or Nitrile Gloves (100 count)
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$15.93 Latex Glove Size    
$20.72 Nitrile Glove Size       

In case of a pandemic flu outbreak, protect yourself with examination gloves. Health experts report that as much as 80% of infections are spread by hand contact. These latex or nitrile gloves protect you by protecting your hands from contact with infectious germs.

Examination Gloves 100 count Box

 Examination gloves one box 100 count.
  • The flu is spread when a person touches droplets, nose drainage or saliva from an infected person, or a soiled object, and then touches ones own (or someone elses) nose or mouth before washing hands.
  • The medical exam gloves offered are the finest quality this helps to prevent your hands from ever becoming contaminated with the flu virus.
  • An important function of gloves is to serve as a reminder to not touch your nose, eyes, mouth, or other objects. For people not used to dealing with infections the light powder on the latex gloves serves the same function and visually reminds you to wash your hands upon removal.
  • Available in both Latex and Nitrile and in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Sizes. Nitrile gloves are offered as an option for those allergic to latex.