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4 in 1 Dynamo Radio with Light and LED flashlight

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Emergency Radio Flashlight is a Compact AM/FM radio & flashlight with easy-wind mechanism eliminates the need for electricity, batteries or bulbs. You can stay-tuned to official information or your favorite radio station 24/7. Light-weight compact design allows it to fit in backpacks, desk drawers, luggage and vehicles

E4 in 1 Dynamo Radio with Light and LED flashlight

List Price $29.95 Each   Sale Price $26.00

Two for $44.00

The Emergency Radio Flashlight is an important component in any emergency preparedness kit.

  • Always ready when you need it-revolutionary self-powered technology means no batteries to replace.
  • Cell phone charge with cables
  • Ergonomic grip handle-recharge simply by winding.
  • Flashlight uses LED technology making it both extremely bright and energy efficient.
  • Super-bright three white LED lights-never need to replace a bulb.
  • Hard Plastic Body.
  • AM/FM Radio.
  • Personal Safety Alarm.
  • Light weight with ergonomic grip and wrist band make it easy to carry.
  • Clear reception capabilities with telescoping antennae.
  • Great for power outages, emergencies, camping, and more...