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Prepared at School

ReadySmart designs custom school pandemic kits or emergency preparedness products for any school sizeReady Smart makes it simple to be prepared at school. With a short discussion we will put together a kit to fit your schools needs to be ready for any emergency situation.

Send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will prepare a solution that will work with your budget.

Staff and students will feel more secure at a school that is prepared, decreasing absenteeism. Our school packages include educational posters to promote a healthy environment.

To meet school needs we also have a fundraising program to either raise funds for your school or to get supplies.

Ready Smart recommended School Protection Products:

Five or Ten Person Three Day Emergency Kit
Ten Person Home Survival Kit
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Office Survival Kit has the essentials needed to support either Five or Ten adults for three days. Great for Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Natural Disasters you will be prepared. The bucket is watertight and can be stored inside or outside for years.
Five Person Kit $181.00
Ten Person Kit $ $251.00